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Archaeology Travel Guide Europe

From caves that sheltered Europe’s earliest Hominin inhabitants to Ice Age cave art. From megalithic structures made by the continent’s first farmers to Iron Age hill forts. From temples and theatres made by the ancient Greeks and Romans to abbeys and churches that were built as organised religion spread across the continent. From Medieval battlefields to memorials commemorating two World Wars. Whatever your interests, there is something in Europe for everyone.


An island of giants and Nuraghi, ancient civilisations and medieval dynasties, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

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Autumn in Autun, France

Seven Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

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Albania Travel Guide

Albania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. With much on offer for those seeking historically inspired getaways.

Austria Travel Guide

From prehistoric salt mines to Imperial castles. From the lowlands to the Alps, Austria’s historic and cultural sites are as diverse as its landscape.

Belgium Travel Guide

Flanders fields and cities of art. Architecture and Flemish Masters. Belgian beer and chocolate. History, culture and gastronomy. 

Bulgaria Travel Guide

At the heart of the ancient world, Bulgaria’s historical heritage is under-explored. Over 40,000 sites, many rival those in neighbouring Turkey and Greece.

England Travel Guide

From the Ice Age to the arrival of African-Caribbean people in post-war times, there vast diversity of historical sites in England today.

France Travel Guide

With some of humanities most iconic historic sites, it is not surprising France is one of the most visited countries on earth.

Germany Travel Guide

Visitors to Germany are spoilt for choice: Roman forts, Gothic castles and churches, the Berlin Wall and some of the finest museums in the world.

Greece Travel Guide

Whether touring the mainland or island hopping, Greece has some of the most well known sites; from Knossos on Crete to the Athenian Acropolis.

Iceland Travel Guide

Visitors may be drawn to the primal elements of the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’, but there is also much history starting with the Viking era.

Italy Travel Guide

There is much more to Italy than the Romans.  Both before and after the time of their Empire, whether it is prehistory or the Renaissance that interests you.

Latvia Travel Guide

Between wide beaches on the Baltic Sea and dense, sprawling forests the capital city Riga has one of the finest collections of Art Nouveau buildings.

Luxembourg Travel Guide

Landlocked Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest sovereign states. With history from the Stone Age to the great European empires and kingdoms.

Malta & Gozo Travel Guide

Malta has been at the crossroads of the Mediterranean for around 7,000 years, with some of the most spectacular sites representing a complex past.

Netherlands Travel Guide

A constitutional monarchy, often incorrectly referred to as Holland, much of this picturesque country is either below or just above sea level.

Portugal Travel Guide

One of the world’s oldest nation states, Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe. Known for its Ice Age and megaliths, impressive hillforts and castles .

Spain Travel Guide

From Altamira to the Alhambra, the Palaeolithic to medieval Muslims, with Celts, Romans and Vandals in between, Spain has a rich and diverse heritage.

Antique statues on Nemrut mountain, Turkey. The UNESCO World Heritage Site at Mount Nemrut where King Antiochus of Commagene is reputedly entombed.

Turkey Travel Guide

As Turkey is in both Europe and Asia, the Bosphorous and the historic city of Istanbul has long been seen as the gateway between the two continents.

Neolithic mortuary monuments, Roman forts, medieval castles and abbeys, an important industrial heritage, an spectacular mountains and valleys.