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Known for the rolling agricultural fields of Salisbury Plain, the landlocked county of Wiltshire has a rich heritage from the Stone Age to World War II and more recent. It is also home to the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Containing perhaps the finest assortment of prehistoric monuments in England, Wiltshire appears to have been a hub of major ceremonial activity in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Ages. During the Iron Age the people of the area erected a range of hill forts at prominent locations in the landscape. In the middle ages one of the grandest medieval buildings in all of Europe was erected in the market town of Salisbury, the Salisbury Cathedral. 

Archaeology & History Sites in Wiltshire

Arundells, Edward Heath's Home

Located in The Close, Salisbury in Wiltshire, Arundells was the private home of Sir Edward Heath, Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974. Originally a medieval canonry, the house was redesigned in the early 18th century with a Queen Anne style façade looking out on to Salisbury Cathedral. The house contains his personal collection of art and memorabilia. Including paintings by Winston Churchill, John Singer Sargent, John Piper and Walter Sickert, David Lloyd George’s writing desk, Chinese ceramics from Chairman Mao and and items from Fidel Castro and Richard Nixon.


Stonehenge is one of the most well known of all prehistoric sites in the United Kingdom. These famous stones have touched all facets of the popular imagination, much of it fanciful. The location of these enormous stones has been an important place for prehistoric communities since at least 8000 BC. Around 5,000 years ago a ditch and bank henge was created. And there followed about 1,500 years of development. Given the site’s iconic status it is a very popular historical attraction, with people visiting in their millions each year.

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