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Rhône Valley
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The Rhône Valley is the second largest wine producing region in France. It is the majestic Rhône River that has placed Lyon, now France’s third biggest metropolitan area,  at the crossroads of Europe for millennia. Today the river transports holiday makers, in Roman times the river was a crucial waterway that led to the establishment of many Roman cites along its length. Including Lyon, Vienne and Saint-Romain-en-Gal. The departments in Rhône-Valley are: Ain, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Loire, Rhône.

Archaeology & History Sites in Rhône Valley

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Museums & Art Galleries in Rhône Valley

Resistance and Deportation History Centre

Opened in 1992, the Centre d’histoire de la résistance et de la déportation is a museum that chronicles the work of the French resistance and the deportation of Jews from France to the death camps in the east during the Second World War. The museum is housed in a former military health school. From the spring of 1943 the school was occupied by the German Gestapo. It was here that the notorious Gestapo chief for Lyon, Klaus Barbie, tortured members of the resistance. Including the first president of the National Council of the Resistance, Jean Moulin.