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Exploring Roman France

From Marseilles in the south to Bavay in the north, Strasbourg in the east to Corseul in the west, all regions of France have some Roman archaeology well worth visiting. Some of these sites are among the finest surviving structures from the Roman world. They include temples, theatres, amphitheatres – some are still used today, bridges and aqueducts. These archaeological sites are now as much a part of France as they were of the Roman Empire.  Today. people come from all over the world to see the Roman sites and ruins in France. 

5 Must See Roman Sites & Museums

Maison Carree Nimes


Vesunna Domus Museum, France.


Visual projections reconstruct parts of a Roman bath house in the Archaeological Crypt beneath the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Archaeological Crypt, Paris

Temple of Mars, Brittany.

Temple of Mars

Pigeon Jublains
Les Arenes De Nimes

Roman Ruins & Sites in France

From Pont du Gard in Occitanie to the Thermes de Cluny in Paris, the Temple of Janus in Burgundy to the Temple of Mars in Brittany. With interesting  Gallo-Roman sites to visit in each region of France, the decision on where to go may be overwhelming. We have compiled a list of the must-see Roman sites in France. They are among the most spectacular examples of their type, the most well preserved sites, but above all they provide a good introduction to the Gallo-Roman past in France.

A close up of one mosaic floor showing the central image of Medusa's head.

Roman Museums & Collections in France

Museums with Roman artefacts vary greatly in character across the country. As a result of early curatorial practices, as well as donations, the Louvre and many other provincial museums have worthy collections of Roman artefacts from other parts of Europe and the Roman world. In contrast, there are numerous local, regional museums that have collections of artefacts from the local area, either as a result of recent professional excavations or the collections of early antiquarians. 

Find Roman Sites & Museums in France By Region