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The famous Hall of Bulls in Lascaux 2 lit up by a candle.

Lascaux II – the First Lascaux Replica

Lascaux II, a partial but spectacular and highly accurate replica of Lascaux, was opened to the public in 1983. This allowed 1000s of people to experience the Ice Age cave art of Lascaux that is now closed to everyone. Since the opening of Lascaux IV, a new more in-depth experience is on offer at Lascaux II. Now you get to enter the Hall of the Bulls and see those extraordinary images, as close as is possible, just as the prehistoric people did all those years ago. 

An iconic image of the prehistoric painted panel in Lascaux, showing two bulls facing each other with other animals painted below.
Perhaps the most iconic image of two bulls facing each other in Lascaux's Hall of Bulls.
Map of Lascaux cave.
A map of Lascaux showing the sections that have been reproduced in the three replicas.

Monique Peytral: Painting Lascaux, Painting Life


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The Lascaux II Experience

Lascaux Entrance
The entrance to the cave today - inaccessible behind a security fence.
Lascaux Historic Photographs
Historic photographs of the entrance and early visitors to the cave.
Lascaux2 Entrance
The entrance to Lascaux II.
Lascaux2 Antechamber
Map of Lascaux, showing the sections reproduced.
Lascaux2 Engraved Panel
A panel of fineline engravings with 'normal' light.
Lascaux2 Uvlight
The fineline engravings as seen under UV light.
Lascaux2 Torchlight
The two facing bulls with torchlight.
People in the dark looking at the Ice Age art in the Lascaux II replica.
Photographs are now allowed!
Lascauxii Axial Gallery
Standing in the Hall of Bulls just at the entrance to the Axial Gallery, with ambient lighting.
Lascauxii Tumbling Horse
A close up pf the panel at the end of the Axial Gallery showing the so-called tumbling horse.

Lascaux II or Lascaux IV?

Where is Lascaux II?

Buying Tickets for Lascaux II

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Lascaux II

Lascaux II opened to the public in 1983, situated about 200 m from the entrance to Lascaux. About 90% of the original cave is reproduced in this the first replica. With the opening of Lascaux IV, Lascaux II has remained open, itself a historical monument. Visitors now get a very different experience to what was offered before, an what is on offer at Lascaux IV. Long gone are the groups of 25 being rushed through so that as many groups can make it as possible – that is now Lascaux IV. A guided tour starts above ground and takes you to the entrance of the famous cave, before heading into the replica where you are treated to seeing the Hall of Bulls by candle light. An experience for those who have a deeper interest in cave art and prehistory.

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